Located in rural north-central Pennsylvania, Smith’s Fine Wood Products strives to produce the highest quality handcrafted hardwood products from locally milled timber. Kiln dried lumber is selected at the mill then surfaced and dimensioned in the Smith’s woodworking facilities.Bill and his wife Beverly are the owners and sole employees in the business that specializes in custom boxes in many styles and sizes, board games, home and kitchen products, and gifts for any occasion.blank“We take pride in producing items that are functional, practical, and long-lasting. Our designs can be described as plain, but elegant; using only stains and oil or acrylic finishes.”

blankBill received his initial training in Industrial Arts Education and was certified in the teaching of woodworking and drafting. He then spent 37 years teaching at the high school level in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, teaching woodworking, mechanical drawing, and various computer design classes. Now, what was once a summer and evening hobby/business has become a full time dream.

blankBeverly works with the aesthetics of the designs that are created, works with the quality control portion of the products, and organizes the orders and shipping processes. Bill is the hands-on specialist who creates all the company’s products from start to finish. “All the work produced is our work. We have no employees because we want our personal touch on each and every item that is produced.”